Extruder Auxiliary Machine

Lab. Size of the Kneader Mixer

Lab. Size of the Kneader Mixer


Model :JKH-DK-5L
Category :Plastic and Rubber Industry | Machinery for Processing Plastics | Plastic Mixers

  1. According each material of the physics character mixer together or separate to feed into chamber and then to observe the running status.
  2. Use the small quality of the material to run test and to develope the correct formulation to low the cost.
  3. Attached driving inverter, recorder with tough screen design panel that good to detect each batch of the running formulation of the mixing sequence of torque, Temperatureand R.P.M of the record as result to improve when run with mormal output capacity of a basis.


  1. SYD-2L
  2. SYD-3L
  3. SYD-5L